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About us

Biomed Graphics is a graphic design company created in 2016. We provide high quality biomedical illustrations to companies, research laboratories, organizations, and individuals.

We design on-demand 2D/3D images for companies and the scientific community worldwide. We also provide a large variety of ready-made images (licensed through major stock photography agencies).

A significant number of worldwide prominent organizations, universities, institutes, companies, scientific journals, digital news media etc., use images designed by Biomed Graphics in their websites, publications, newsletters, social media pages, reports, catalogs and advertising material.

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Biomed Graphics has been founded by Meletios Verras, a PhD molecular biologist with extensive research experience. He worked as a postdoctoral researcher, and later as a research associate in Stanford University School of Medicine, USA.

His research has been focused mainly on signaling pathways related to cancer biology. However, his passion for the scientific illustration design led him to create Biomed Graphics. As a biomedical researcher himself, he has deep understanding that a biomedical illustration is not a simple artistic image, but primarily, it is another way to communicate scientific data and results.

Therefore, the underlying complexity of the data must be translated into a clear and scientifically accurate visual product. In Biomed Graphics, scientific knowledge and experience are combined to the artistic skills and techniques in order to give an elegant and suitable for every use product.

Some of our clients

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In Biomed graphics we combine scientific and research experience with designing skills and techniques.



We design on-demand 2D/3D images for companies and the scientific community worldwide.


Contact us, describe to us your project and your needs, and we will create and deliver to you images that meet, or exceed your expectations.